Date: 10/04/2020
Location: Busaiteen, Muharraq
Hare: Slither

Trail was set starting on the coast of busaiteen in a “newly” reclaimed area. traditional flour and chalk was used. We had dots, checks, and false trails, arrows, bvc and a shortcut… oh and more dots! Trail was not easy to find as dots were miles apart from each other but that was ok. once out of the reclaimed area, the run would take us into the village. but this stopped 2km into the village as Slither ended up being detained by the 5 OH! Virgin Manwich was our hash hero who went in and cleared up the mess. After 3 hours of back and fourth talks and a headache or two, slither was a free hasher!

Overall the trail was awesome, hashers kept their distance as per the MoH. no groups larger than 5 hashers attended at one time. Hashers set off on their own time as trail was set super early in the morning. There was no hash fee, no circle, but there was trail! WE THANK YOU SLITHER!

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