BITCH3 # 6 – Hawaii Day Hash Run! (Themed Run!)

Hare: TONE-DEF Metrodome (if he makes it) or else it will be HWMM & Scouts Anal

When: Friday, August 17th @ 4:00 PM or 1600

Run Fee: BD 3! That will cover the run and beers/ciders! You will also get laid!

About the Run: There will be a clothing swap! so cum and be prepared. practice your hula dance and get those hips to loosen up! There will be 1 or 2 free beer stops and 1 to pay for! Make sure to BRING A WHISTLE! If you hash with the B.I.T.C.H3, it is REQUIRED!

Theme:  Wear your fancy Hawaii dress! Hawaii shirts, hula skirts or shorts and your running shoes! Someone better cum wearing a coconut bra!

Location:  Dirt lot behind by Dolphin Park and Boulevard Circus!

Direction: Take the exit off Al Fateh Highway onto Road 2407 taking the first exit at the roundabout. Head past coral bay which should be on your left side. Take the left turn just after Dolphin Resort Bahrain  and Boulevard Circus taking you onto a dirt lot. find the hashers and park there! USE GOOGLE MAPS!

Upcuming runs:

August 31 – Beer Olympics – lobster farm, Janabiya @ 4pm! Spartan/Greek themed! wear your togas or spartan outfits!

September 28 – 6 pack 6k! – Price is 1 bd. Location is TBD! bring your own 6 pack! Beer belts will be sold by the hash to carry your beer on the run!! contact One Rung Pussy Driver if you want one!

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