Date: November 23rd, 2018

Hares: Wong Hole Shot and Just Sara

Occassion/s – Its Black Friday and in the spirit of thanksgiving, we are getting an awesome hash hosted by the one and only birthday boy WONG HOLE SHOT and his yet to be named co hare Just Sara!! Wong Hole says its going to be AWESOME!make sure to thank them 🙂 BRING CAKE!

Location: Dirt lot near Al Najma CLub – Juffair ! you might want to drive around and check which side we might be on! 

Time: 4PM or 1600!  you have no excuses! more than enough time to brunch then make it to a hash!

There will be FOOD, Drinks, corn on the cob, marshmallows and more! show up and give thanks to Wong Hole Shot and Just Sara for providing a bunch of stuff and some surprises!

RUN FEE : it is gunna cost you between BD 3 and BD 5! i suggest you bring your single BD’s! We will update this as soon as we get confirmation from the hares!

as usual this is a BITCH3 run so wear your hab gear from any hash you like! we love em all! Bring your whistles! no whistle means you are gunna get wet! bring a torch, a phone, money, tits, dicks, virgins and whatever else you can get your hands on!

See you at the hash!

NEXT HASH: TONE DEAF Metradome and Scouts Anals final hurrah on the BITCH3 will be on Nov 30th, which will be BITCH3 Run # 14! trail will be near IKEA ! more info to be posted soon!


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