Cum out with the BITCHes on June 21st dressed as your favorite Daddy!

I know Daddy’s Day is on the 18th but we’re r*nning late (unlike your Daddy). This trail is just the way your Daddy likes it: long and hard! There will be shiggy, there will be whiskey, and there will be crippling disappointed in how you turned out. Expect 1 or 2 beer checks and a liquor check on trail. Don’t forget to dress up and have your best (worst!) dad joke ready for circle!

HARES. Cunnil-Won’t-Us (who probably has a kid in every port) and Spanks the Turkey (a little-known Mr Doubtfire)
WHO. All BITCHie sperm donors and egg layers
WHEN. 21-JUNE-2019 @1600 (4pm)
WHY. To recognize all your Daddy gave you
WHERE. 26°12’06.9″N 50°34’39.0″E
DRESS. Cum dressed as your favorite Daddy. (This could be your own sperm donor or it might be a TV character)

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