Bitch3 # 23

Date: 16/08/2019

Time: 4:30 PM

Hares: No Good Fucking Ham and D.O.T.T

Fee : BD 3 because nobody likes carrying change! (Bring BD 2.69 I Dare You)

Location: Sanad- No Good Fucking Ham is hosting us at a lot near you! By that.. we mean by his house!

Shiggy Level 2 – Bring swimmers! and spare clothes!

There will be 2 beer stops! bring some of your own booze to support the cause! We are taking donations!

Dress Code: Gimps (PLEASE DRESS LIKE A GIMP), Ghousts, Gouls, or fools! (You can dress like a villan, hero, pimp, hoe, or even cum as you are!)

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