Below are previous runs and hare info! this is for the sake of tracking previous runs and hares!

4418-Sep-20HWMM/ Missionary ImpossibleAdliyaBeer Mile
4530-Oct-20Mother May IJuffairHalloween
4627-Nov-20$10 Oar and SpanksJuffairThanksgiving
4725-Dec-20Rick O’ ShayAdliyaChristmas Hash
4822-Jan-21HWMM/ Missionary ImpossibleNaruna Island5beer 5km!
4919-Feb-21Slitheramwajlent 1.0
5026-Feb-21$10 Oaramwajlent 2.0
5105-Mar-21HWMM/ Missionary ImpossibleJuffairLent 3.0
5212-Mar-21$10 OarDiyar al Muharraqlent 4.0 Half assed, half mind, half case, half marathon
5319-Mar-21$10 Oar Riffalent 5.0
5426-Mar-21Slither Saarlent 6.0
5502-Apr-21$10 Oar Karzakkanlent 7.0 – Peanut Butter Jelly Day
5610-Apr-21HWMM/ Missionary ImpossibleAl Dar IslandBitch 3 Analversary and MI/HWMM birthday (april 6th) al dar
5726-May-21Slither/ HWMM / Walkins Wel-cum HamalaRun + Pool Party
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