1. The fee is BD 1 + Hare offsets the cost for food, drink, and haberdashery provided.
    • Example: BD 1 fee + BD 2 for beers/food per person = 3 BD fee
  2. The BD 1 which goes to the Hash will only go towards maintaining the website and future haberdashery for events.
  3. Hashers are expected to bring their own circle beer OR drink whatever is left over from trail beer (if any).


Definition: A person who has never attended a hash before.

Virgins will be asked three questions:
1. Who are you?
2. Who made you cum?
3. Where are you from?

All Virgins will be given a banana at the start of the run. The Virgins must protect their banana at all costs from other Hashers.

If the banana is stolen, the virgin must perform the act of Lady and the Tramp with the hasher who stole his or her banana as punishment.


Visiting hashers or transplants when in the circle before and after the run will be asked the following questions:

  1. What is your name?
  2. Where is your mother hash?
  3. Who made you come?
  4. Tell us a joke/Sing us a song/show us a body part or all 3!

Visiting hashers or transplants that have never hashed with the BITCH3 will be given a banana and must protect it like their lives depended on it.

If the banana is stolen, the visitor/transplant must perform the act of Lady and the Tramp with the hasher who stole his or her banana as punishment.


Definition: The hasher who lays trail for others to follow.

  1. The Hares must attend the entirety of the trail and Circle.
  2. If the hare lays a dead trail, it will be their responsibility to sweep the trail for lost or slow hashers.
  3. If the trail is live, the hare(s) gets 10 minutes unless liquid libations have been provided during the opening circle.
  4. Hares will run the show by acting as RA!
  5. Virgins and un named hashers that lay trail for the first time must lay trail with a true-blue named hasher.


  1. TheBITCH3 holds one event or run per month and in some cases 2 events or runs may be conducted.
  2. Each run or event will be themed or must be of some significance.
  3. The BITCH3 does not have a designated GM, RA, or hierarchy as of now (but we have the 5 founders).
  4. Any significant changes to the future of the hash must be a 3/5 approval by the founders until a committee is formed.
  5. Exceptions will be made for naming worthy situations as they arise.
  6. Beer Near (BN) and Beer Here (BH) locations will not be provided to walkers before trail.
  7. The hash inclusive of all kennels! The BITCH3 look for opportunities to collaborate with other hashes on events.
  8. Hashers will be punished for not wearing any hash gear (not limited to Bitch3 hab)
  9. Hashers must perform an otter down down at circle as punishment for not wearing a whistle!
  10. A Naming will be appropriate to a hasher when and only after said hasher has hared two trails.
  11. Any naming of an already named hashers will not replace the original name but be a second name they will also be referred to as at the hash.
  12. some offenses may be dealt with by means of a PVC pipe on a hasher’s arm while chugging a beer.
  13. If there is ice, Hashers may receive punishment by sitting on the throne!
    • No stunt ass for harriets!
    • No talking or contributions to hymns while seated on the throne.
  14. The BITCH3 hash focuses on the trail more than the circle.  
    • Long songs are reserved for heinous offenses and when there is ice only (except for “and the hares”).
  15. Tails from the trail will encompass only that day’s trails unless relevant to the current trail.
  16. Founders will encourage “trail treasure” to be presented at the final circle.
  17. Birthdays will be celebrated accordingly. No malicious intentions.
  18. No wanker of the week, Donny the retard, or hash shit.
  19. When a named hasher is departing, we will ceremoniously burn their shoes (if possible).
  20. No hasher is forced to do anything they don’t feel comfortable doing.


Only hare count is tracked and “gift” worthy.