1. Bahrain Independent Trail Chasers H3 will hold one event/run per month and in some cases 2 events/runs may be conducted.
  2. BITCH3 Run Fee
    • BITCH3 gets 1BD per run and Hare sets price to offset cost of trail booze/hab.
    • Food is optional and not part of the hare trail booze cost.
    • Patches/shirts will be for purchase or included in the run fee if the hare chooses to do so.
  3. Money from the run fee goes towards future shirts/patches for events.
  4. Bring your own circle beer OR drink whatever is left over from trail beer (if any).
  5. Only hare count is tracked and “gift” worthy.
  6. No wanker of the week, Donny the retard, or hash shit.
  7. BN/BH location will not be provided to walkers. A walker’s trail is optional. No pied piper walkers.
    • Non-walker friendly trails will be advertised to avoid any issues.
  8. Each BITCH3 event will be themed or of some significance.
  9. Friday hash is inclusive of all hashes and doesn’t talk shit about other hashes.
  10. No hash gear is a penalty but BITCH3 hash gear is not mandatory as you can wear any hash gear!
  11. We look for opportunities to collaborate with other hashes on events.
  12. We do not have a designated GM, RA, or hierarchy as of now (but we have the 5 founders).
    • Hares will run the show by acting as RA!
    • Any significant changes to the future of the hash must be a 3/5 approval by the founders.
  13. Naming will be appropriate to the hasher and decided on after two hares.
    • Exceptions will be made for naming worthy situations as they arise.
  14. Any just that lays trail for the first time will lay trail with a true-blue named hasher.
  15. Any naming of already named hashers will not replace the original name but be a name they will also be referred to as at the BITCH3 hash.
  16. If there is ice, the only way to sit on the throne is bare assed. No stunt ass for harriets!
    • When on the throne: no talking or contributions to hymns.
  17. Offenses will be dealt with by means of a PVC pipe on a hasher’s arm while chugging a beer.
  18. No hasher is forced to do anything they don’t feel comfortable doing.
  19. The Bahrain Independent Trail Chasers H3’s first event was on 06-apr-2018.
  20. Virgins will be asked three questions:
    • Who are you?
    • Who made you cum?
    • Where are you from?
  21. A virgin will not be allowed to lay trail. No matter the affiliation to any other hasher.
  22. Visitors/transplants when in the circle before the run will be asked the following questions:
    • What is your name?
    • Where is your mother hash?
    • Who made you come?
  23. Visitors/transplants when in the circle after the run:
    • Repeat the first 3 questions (see #22)
    • Tell us a joke/Sing us a song/show us a body part or all 3!
  24. The BITCH3 hash focuses on the trail more than the circle.  
    • Long songs are reserved for heinous offenses and when there is ice only (except for “and the hares”).
  25. Tails from the trail will encompass only that day’s trails unless relevant to the current trail.
  26. Founders will encourage “trail treasure” to be presented at the final circle.
  27. A “just” should not judge the trail.
  28. If the hare does a dead trail, it will be their responsibility to sweep the trail.
  29. If the trail is live, the hare(s) gets 10 minutes unless liquid libations have been provided during the opening circle. Then and only then could more time be allowed.
  30. When a named hasher is departing, we will ceremoniously burn their shoes (if possible)
  31. Birthdays will be celebrated accordingly. No malicious intentions.
  32. Hares must attend the entirety of the trail/run they plan or else It will not count as a Hare.
    • You will not be considered a Hare if you show up at the end of trail!
    • some exceptions can be made.